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The Adventure of Change

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you leading projects in your organization that will have people working differently?
  • Are you leading others through significant organizational change?
  • Is your organization impacted by changes in competition and the marketplace that require you to do things differently?
  • Are you planning on acquiring or merging with another company?
  • Do you think your organization needs to be more change nimble to be competitive?
  • Are you undertaking a major system implementation?
  • Are you executing strategic plans within your company?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!

This blog has several well-rounded posts that will give you actionable tactics and strategies to implement immediately. The content-rich posts are especially geared toward managers and executives. However, all experience levels are welcome. Immerse yourself in a learning experience spanning the following 7 Change Accelerators specifically tailored to meet your needs:

Change Accelerators

Whatever your management level, you’re aware that the world is changing at an exponential rate. Unfortunately, in stark contrast to the need for agility, the ability of many organizations to orchestrate successful change is largely stunted.

‘’70% of organizational change efforts fail’’ – John Kotter

If you want to ensure that your project beats the odds and emerges as a success story, you need change tools that work. Whatever your level of proficiency in leading organizational change management, Kleos has something for you!

Does this Sound Like You?

Do you:

  • Seek some straightforward yet strategic guidance on how to exceed expectations in your role as manager, leader or change architect?
  • Want a practical methodology that will help you manage change in order to perform your job and move ahead in your career?
  • See change management as a critical skill, not a career choice?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ll find some inspiration on this blog!

I Know How You Feel

I know how it feels to be confronted with the challenge of change.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a penchant for logic and numerical elegance. My predilection for quantitative symmetry held me in good stead – from winning high school prizes in Mathematics to graduating with a First Class Honors Degree in Accounting.

Sometimes, though, Life throws you a curve ball. In my milestone year as an Experienced Analyst, my firm threw me one such curve ball. Just as I was gearing up to climb up the career ladder to the coveted ‘’Consultant’’ rung, something I had never anticipated happened. I was staffed as a Change Management specialist on a one-year project for a government agency. My role was to manage the ‘’human’’ side of change.

My jaw literally dropped. ‘’Change Management?’’ But what did I know about that? It sounded like psycho-babble, touchy-feely stuff – the kind of field that did not have established standards and generally accepted procedures. In other words, the very antithesis of Accounting. How would I survive, much less excel, when I had never done anything like it in my life?

I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel when my friend mentioned going for a Change Management certification course. Once I was equipped with a conceptual understanding of Change Management, I began to see the big-picture of the seemingly random tasks I was performing.

As it turns out, I enjoyed the project so much; I decided to build depth and breadth in change management. Since my days as a novice on that first project, I have managed change across the length and breadth of West Africa, across multiple industries and geographies. My experiences have given me a holistic view of the change management field. Behold, the math whizz has metamorphosed into a people developer. This proves that the human mind is capable of stretching in any direction it wishes. For where there’s a will, there’s always a way …Who says you can’t teach a number-cruncher new tricks?

My Goal in Writing this Blog

Through my blog (and upcoming book), my mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and commitment you need to succeed in managing change. From practical tools and templates, to strategies and step-by-step guidance, to an intentional path for executing and reinforcing change, my goal is to empower you to be the best change leader and change agent you can be.

I’m currently studying for an MBA and I would like to share some of the fundamentals of general management knowledge with you. If you’re an executive (or potential executive) who’s preparing for senior leadership, you’ll find nuggets of management wisdom on this site. Our ‘MBA Nuggets’ gives you the necessary tools and perspectives to successfully lead your organizations into the future.

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Yes, you can succeed in leading change. All it takes is the intention and a mentor to guide you. If you’ll provide the first, I’ll provide the second. Let’s get started.