Means to An End …


Change Management is a means to an end … Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership is a means to an end … Good Governance

Good Governance is a means to an end … Economic Growth

And Economic Growth is a means to an end … Human Development


Seven Things CEOs Need to Know About Leading Change

Last week, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (and indeed, the whole country) was in a furor because a plan to restructure the organization was announced without sufficient engagement of all impacted stakeholders. As a result, the proposed change was badly received by key internal and external stakeholders. It was a well-intentioned move but the resulting […]

In Search of Execution Excellence

Leadership, Project Management and Change Management

Improving the world usually takes extensive research (‘’What should we do?’’), a good strategy (‘’How should we do it?’’) and the support of leadership (‘’Who will approve it?’’). It’s the same formula regardless of whether you want to change a person, an organization or society. Research provides the initial diagnosis; strategy provides the solution while […]

How to Make 2016 Memorable and Impactful

‘’A man without a vision for his future, always returns to his past.’’ Happy New Year! How I love beginnings! A wise man once remarked that ‘’the end of a matter is better than its beginning’’. However, there’s something about a fresh start that never fails to energize me. You need to begin this year […]