Change Management for L&D Professionals

6 Tips to be a Better Communicator


  1. Be Brief
  2. Be Clear
  3. Be Simple
  4. Be Audience-Centric
  5. Be Goal-Oriented
  6. Ensure there’s Shared Meaning

Top 5 Strategies for Changing an Amiable Stakeholder

‘’How easy to be amiable in the midst of happiness and success’’ – William Ellery Channing. Such may easily be said of Sheikh Ahmed, the simple and unassuming CEO of a global industrial conglomerate. This ‘’happy old man’’ is universally esteemed for his untiring benevolence and indefatigable cheerfulness. He is popular in such a manner […]

Top 5 Strategies for Changing an Expressive Stakeholder

Leila is a cheerful, optimistic, happy-go-lucky woman. Her highs are as dramatic as her lows; she can rail at you in one minute and re-appear with a ready smile in the next minute. She is good company and has little trouble making friends, forging new alliances and consolidating old relationships. Because she is dynamic and […]

Top 5 Strategies for Changing a Driving Stakeholder

Aggressive and forceful, Jide is one of those people who loves to play the devil’s advocate. A high-ranking member of the client staff, he has been with the Company for years and has seen several change initiatives fail. Because he doesn’t care what you think, he openly tells anyone who cares to listen that your […]

Top 5 Strategies for Changing an Analytical Stakeholder

Comfort is a quiet woman in her mid-thirties. When you were introduced to her, your first thoughts were ‘’Cool, reserved and logical.’’ You notice that when she speaks to you, her facial features are controlled and she speaks in a monotone. Also, when you’re speaking to her, she does not like to make eye contact […]

Social Styles and Change [1]: An Introduction

It’s been a while since I last posted; six months, to be exact. What can I say – A combination of blogger’s block and killer consulting hours. Whether it’s a new organizational structure, a superior operating model or an upgraded SAP solution, people tend to resist change. As a Change Manager, you are further hampered […]