Getting IT-induced Change Right

Recently, I was referred by my former boss for a role with a client – a manufacturer and a top-3 company in their market niche. The client was having some trouble with an ongoing ERP project. After some discussions with the client, it was clear that the majority of their problems could be traced to […]

Means to An End …


Change Management is a means to an end … Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership is a means to an end … Good Governance

Good Governance is a means to an end … Economic Growth

And Economic Growth is a means to an end … Human Development


Seven Things CEOs Need to Know About Leading Change

Last week, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (and indeed, the whole country) was in a furor because a plan to restructure the organization was announced without sufficient engagement of all impacted stakeholders. As a result, the proposed change was badly received by key internal and external stakeholders. It was a well-intentioned move but the resulting […]

In Search of Execution Excellence

Leadership, Project Management and Change Management

Improving the world usually takes extensive research (‘’What should we do?’’), a good strategy (‘’How should we do it?’’) and the support of leadership (‘’Who will approve it?’’). It’s the same formula regardless of whether you want to change a person, an organization or society. Research provides the initial diagnosis; strategy provides the solution while […]


”To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill

Myths and Realities of Change Management

Change management is open to sundry misinterpretations and misconceptions; hence it is important to clarify exactly what it is and what it is not. A study by Accenture (2011) captured the erroneous perceptions many managers have about change management, as well as the challenges that change management may pose for them. Myth 1: People are […]

Benefits of Change Management

The change manager is an enabler; a catalyst; a facilitator of progress. While he is not responsible for the ‘’brick-and-mortar’’ responsibilities on a project, he is at the capstone of any successful project. His overall contribution is ensuring that that the project achieves its stated goals and objectives.

Navigating the Changing Terrain of Organisations

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book. Comments and feedback appreciated: Among all human endeavours, wrote German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, change is the only thing that is immortal. A cursory perusal of the headlines of the major business magazines proves the truth of this statement. ‘’New CEO escapes the legacy of his predecessor and steers […]